Sunday, 18 September 2016


If you plan to visit Thailand but not Laos, there is one shop selling both Esan and Laotian CD's at a convenient place in Bangok.
Located on Sukhumvit road, at the corner of the soi 71 ("soi" means street), just a few minutes from the sky train BTS Phra Khanong station.
Burmese meal at the market
How to get there: Once you reach the BTS station, take the exit 3, the soi 71 is on your back, walk about 3mn. Once you reach the soi 71, the market is right in front of you, at the corner.
At the front side of the market you will find some electronic equipments and clothes as well as some little burmese restaurants that you really should try as you might not get any other opportunity elsewhere if you don't know Bangkok well (some of those also sell some Burmese music but only pirated  CDs and VCDs). If you walk around you will ear some molam, just follow the sound and you will arrive at this pretty well hidden little shop.
As you can see on the picture the shop is not that big but it's really packed with CDs and VCDs. A few Thai CDs (mostly luk thung superstars popular in Esan like Sayan Sanya and Waiphot Phetsuphan), lots of molam and luk thung Esan and in the 2 baskets (on the right side of the picture) a large choice of Lam lao of all kinds. The prices in this shop goes from 80 to 150 baht. Once you got all you want, you can walk around and enjoy this pretty nice market, there is a women clothes shop selling the back catalog tapes from Yanavy Sound records, no more Esan music there but you can find some obscure Muslim pop from all around the world (It's really well hidden). There is another small shop selling Thai CDs of all kinds and some Likey VCDs plus a few tapes (I did not leave much Esan music there...).
The remaining tapes stock from Yanavy Sound
The back side of the market is the place where you will find the vegetables and fruits and the little streets around have a great selection of thai snacks...

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