Friday, 23 September 2016


Molam takes an important place in everyday life in Laos and Esan, it's performed during religious ceremonies and festivals as well as entertainment and during every important events of the life. The Khaen is more than a musical instrument, it's also a major cultural symbol of identity.
Various sizes of khaen played solo, by a group of soldiers and by a trio.
Early 1900 studio photos used for postcards
Molam singers (left and right) and
Phu Tai woman posing with a khaen.
(picture apparently taken in Northern Vietnam)
Laotian orchestra in a temple (khaen, saw, klong yao...).
Mo khaen and novice monks.
Molam ritual performances:
Villagers praying with a mo khaen.
Monks, a convalescent person, a "shaman" and mo khaen  during a Phi fa ceremony
Molam enternainment performances:
Apparently lam phuen or a similar kind of storytelling (left)
A group of Laotian female singers with musicians (right)
Those 2 photographies were taken at the same place in the early 1900 are annotated "court of love". I don't have much clue about what's going on here, there is some kind of a stage made of bamboo and 2 mo khaen performing while a women is weaving some cotton fabric. (If you have some additional informations, feel free to contact me).
Molam performed in a village

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