Saturday, 24 September 2016


Today, we continue our little molam trip in Laos with another great tape from PK promotion.
If during the last two weeks we heard some modernized lam lao, this week, we have a really nice take on traditional lam with mister SOMMUK MO LAM NOY (sadly his name is partly cut on the cover so it's probably not accurate). A perfect soundtrack for the vintage photos posted yesterday.
Today we'll listen to KHAP LAM PHUN MUANG LAO. In this album, Sommuk Mo Lam Noy performs various kinds of traditional lam Lao: lam khonsavane, lam Phu Tai, lam bansok, lam tangwai, lam phuan and lam saravane. All perfectly sung by Sommuk Mo Lam Noy with a really deep voice and his vocalist friends.
11 pretty long songs and more than 1 hour of pure lam! Of course the main instrument played here is khaen, there is also some saw, various percussion and some male backing vocals. A really nice recording!
SOMMUK MO LAM NOY ສົມມຶກ ໝໍລຳນ້ອຍ
KHAP LAM PHUN MUANG LAO ຂັບລຳພື້ນເມືອງລາວ
01 ລືມສະຫວັນແລ້ວບໍ່ (LAM KHONSAVANE)
02 ສະເຫນ່ສາວແມ່ຮ້າງ (LAM KHONSAVANE)
03 ໂຊເຟີລະເມີຮັກ (LAM KHONSAVANE)
04 ສາວຜູ້ໄທໃຈບ້ຽວ (LAM PHU TAI)
05 ຄິດຮອດສາວຝັ່ງຂອງ (LAM PHU TAI)
06 ຖຽງນານ້ອຍຄອຍນາງ (LAM  BANSOK)
07 ບ້ານຊອກແຊວຊິ້ງ (LAM  BANSOK)
08 ຕັງຫວາຍສາລາກ້ຽງ (LAM TANGWAI)
09 ກະລອງເຢາະຢາມໃຈ (LAM TANGWAI)
10 ຂອງຝາກຈາກທົ່ງໄຫ (LAM PHUAN)
11 ສາລະວັນບ້ານເຮົາ (LAM SARAVANE)
 All the Lao kids pictures were taken in Vientiane during different trips in the last few years

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