Friday, 24 June 2016


Phimpha Phonsiri พิมพา พรศิริ
Some of you probably have enough of the homage to Honey Sri Esan but well, I could not end up this serie without some songs from one of my favourite 80's Esan super star: PHIMPHA PHONSIRI! I have a huge collection of Phimpha records of all kinds (more than 30 and I guess she released at least 50 since her young debut the mid 80's) and this homage is a good opportunity to share some of her songs.
Phimpha Phonsiri grew up in the province Chayaphum before moving to Khon Kaen to studdy. It's during her studdies that Phimpha decided to meet Soraphet Phinyo who will write a few successful records of early "molam luk thung" for her. Phimpha will then work with some other talented composers such as Dao Bandon and Num Phutai but will never get the success she had in her early years. She released a new record last year on Rsiam and still perform live from time to time.
The music we'll ear today comes from ESAN DANCE 21 PLENG DANG, it seems like this recording only been released as Karaoke version (as part of a VCD serie). Off course it features some Honey Sri Esan song, as well as some of her own songs and other covers including a song by Angkhanang Khunchai and some popular Esan songs. Luk thung, molam, ram wong... All performed in a fast and furious "non stop" style. On the video, Phimpha is backed by herslef  as "dancers team" (as you can see on the photos).
This is the last part of the Honey Sri Esan homage (many other singers covered her songs and we'll sure ear some more somedays). Next week, we'll continue with something very different but for now, let's dance!

ESAN DANCE 21 PLENG DANG อีสานแด๊นซ์ 21 เพลงดัง
01 น้ำตาหล่นบนที่นอน
02 วอนพี่มีรักเดียว
03 ตำบักหุ่ง พิมพา
04 ฟ้าลิขิ
05 จดหนายย้ายที่อยู่
06 ขอแล้วบ่แต่ง
07 สาวกาฬสินธุ์
08 เขาแต่งเราตรน
09 ไม่ลืมสมิหลา
10 กินเป๊นบ่
11 บ่าวชุมแพ
12 พี่จ๋าหลับตาไว้
13 สาวคนโก้
14 สาระวันรำวง
15 ถึงหลอกก๊รัก
16 รำวงรำชิ่ง
17 อยากแต่งงาน
18 เลิกรัก.. เลิกรอ
19 รำวงภูไท
20 ต่างคนต่างไป
21 ร๊อคลาวพวน
As I kept the recording in it's original format 
(2 parts with no cuts in betwin songs),
the songs tittles are not included in the folder.

Monday, 20 June 2016


Kalaya Fabandon & Somchai Muangsurin
This week we continue our homage to Honey Sri Esan with something quite different. If last time the tittle was pretty explicit "lam non stop", this time it's even more as the tittle is in english "KANTRUEM TURBO". Just like last week, we have some fast songs, some covers of Honey Sri Esan and also from Dao Bandon: some solo hits and some songs with Phimchai Phetphalanchai (from the same tape as last time). You probably wonder why I post almost the same tape this week then. Well this tape is in fact quite unique as it's a Khmer and Esan duo Miss Kalaya Fabandon (apparently from Udon Thani) and Mister Somchai Muangsurin (from Surin) who is one of the numerous Esan singers part of the Khmer community living on the Esan side of the Thai/Cambodian border. 
In this tape the songs are performed in both Esan and Khmer languages. No superstars here but an interesting duo and some nice covers of luk thung and molam legends. If covers of popular songs are pretty common in thai music, Honey Sri Esan is the only one to have so many covers while she only recorded two tapes.

กัลยา ฟ้าบ้านดอน / สมชาย เมืองสุรินทร์
01 สาวลาวบ่าวเขมธ
02 น้ำตาหล่นบนที่นอน
03 ขอแลัวไม่แต่ง
04 ใส่กลอนนอนกลุ้ม
05 คนขี่หลังควาย
06 ฝันรักฝันร้าย
07 วอนพี่มีรักเดียว
08 หนุ่มยาว สาวสั้น
09 สาวกาฬสินธุ์
10 รักสาวหมอลำ
11 จีบสาวเลี้ยงเป็ด
12 เฮือนน้อยนางเมิน
Phimchai Phetphalanchai, Honey Sri Esan and Dao Bandon

Saturday, 11 June 2016


ฟ้า สุภาวี / Fah Supawee
The rain has come... Unlike last year, the monsoon came right on time and the concert season is coming to its end. Don't worry about that, even under the rain, we'll carry on dancing! The tape we have today is particulary good for party, you could even guess it just by reading the tittle: LAM MAI YOUT "lam non stop", enouth said I guess.
Honey Sri Esan and Fah Supawee
In this tape Fah Supawee is covering some popular songs from the early 90's and pay a special homage to Honey Sri Esan in a fun "party style" molam luk thung with a nice blend of synth and traditional instruments that reminds me a lot of fun weekends in villages during buddhist holidays and especially the ramwong "circle dance" that often happen at festivals and where cover bands sing popular songs while the audience participate with cheering noise and dance for hours. The B side of this tape also feature some covers of songs by Dao Bandon and Phimchai Phetphalanchai from their very good duo record.
I don't have much informations about Fah Supawee but from what I heard from her songs, I can guess she is part of the Khmer/Esan community as she also sing kantruem (we'll ear about this other side of her career later). Without being a superstar she seems to have a great career and she still record some songs.
Next week, we'll continue our serie about Honey Sri Esan with something quite different but for now... Let's dance!

FAH SUPAWEE ฟ้า สุภาวี
LAM MAI YOUT ลำไม่หยุค
01 น้ำตาหล่นบนที่นอน
02 วอนพี่มีรักเดียว
03 หน้าหล่อใจลวง
04 สาวกาฬสินธุ์
05 ขอแล้วไม่แต่ง
06 รักสองแผ่นดิน
07 หนุ่มภูเขียว
08 สงครามแห่งความรัก
09 หนุ่มยาวสาวสั้น
10 จีบสาวเลี้ยงเป็ด
11 อีหวึ่งตายแน่
12 พาน้องล่องแหง่ง
13 ฟ้าลิขิต
14 คนสู้ย่อมมีสิทธิ์
15 ฝันรัก ฝันร้าย
16 เอารักของเธอคืนไป
As I kept the tape in it's original format 
(2 sides with no cuts in betwin songs),
the songs tittles are not included in the folder.
 Honey Sri Esan, Dao Bandon
and Phimchai Phetphalanchai

Sunday, 5 June 2016


Honey Sri Esan ฮันนี่ ศรีอีสาน
Back after being busy for a while... Today we start a little serie of posts about a singer who sadly became a legend after only 2 tapes recorded. 
Honey Sri Esan was born in the province of Kalasin and was on her way to a brilliant career when she tragically died on the road after a concert in the province of Sisaket in 1992 at the age of 21.
Honey Sri Esan memorial in Sisaket
Today we'll ear her first tape released in 1991 (wich contain her most popular hits). Yanavy Sounds did a pretty good job on this first recording, Dao Bandon on the lyrics and Num Phutai for the musical composition. Everything here is really well done and the musicians are great on this molam luk thung little gem. It really looks like all was prepared to serve the sumptuous voice of of Honey Sri Esan and to start a successful career. A few months later, the same team worked on her second tape also released by Yanavy.
After her death, Honey Sri Esan became a legend and nowadays many people still go to pray at her memorial in Sisaket (including some popular singers) and some of the songs featured on this tape are often played during concerts. The next posts will feature some of the many singers who covered her songs.

HONEY SRI ESAN ฮันนี่ ศรีอีสาน
NAMTHA LON BON TI NONE น้ำตาหล่นบนที่นอน
01 น้ำตาหล่นบนที่นอน
02 ฝันรัก ฝันร้าย
03 ขอแลัว ไม่แต่ง
04 สาวกาพัสินธุ์
05 เขาแต่ง เราตรน
06 ถึงหลอกก็รัก
07 น้ำตาหล่นบนที่นอน (instrumental)
08 สาวนาผวารัก
09 สงครามกับความรัก
10 หนุ่นภูเขียวเบี้ยวสาวชุมแพ
11 สวยเพราะปลาแดก
12 รักคนหัวล้าน
13 เอารักของเธอคีนไป
ceremony in Sisaket