Friday, 15 April 2016


As today it's record store day I spent some time to put up a little list of shops you should visit if you plan to visit Thailand. If you ever bough some re-editions or compilations of Esan music you will soon notice that those cd or vinyls you bough in your home country where just 10 times more expensive than the real deal and that unlike what you can read online or in magazines it's not at all forgotten or hard to find music. Many Esan people are proud of their cultural heritage and if you can find those records you can also ear molam and luk thung Esan everywhere in the streets of Bangkok.
gun shaped phin
If you like Esan music (well, Thai in general) enough to think you could buy 40 of those records during your life, it's actually worth shopping here in Bangkok as the price of those 40 records in your home country would cover the plane tickets fare and about a week in a standard hotel outside of the touristic areas... as well as the 40 records. Think about it!
The selection of records stores provided here is not secret, some of those happen to pop on internet sometimes but usually without much informations about how to get there. The list provided is an easy 1/2 day trip. You have strictly no chance to get lost. It basicly focus on interesting places among a selection of around a dozen of shops. I do not usually buy anything at those shops but I scored 8 tapes and CDs while walking around to prepare this post so you better bring a large bag with you!

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