Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Another re-upload from my previous blog with some beautiful pleng luk thung with HONGTHONG DAO'UDON (BUA LUANG RO RAK). A great tape containing songs from the early 80's, Miss Hongthong "from Udon Thani" province.

This tape gives us the best of her gorgeous voice on 12 great bittersweet luk thung songs with influences from disco, funk and also a little from molam. All has already been said about the life of Hongthong Dao'Udon (the previous re-uploads from a "mp3 cd" takes it names Hongthon Khanong Lam"from her first big molam hit single) from her early career start as a teenage Luk Thung and molam star  to the loss of her voice and finally her sentence to jail after some politic troubles. I was happy to ear that she's been doing a few stages apperances last year around Udon Thani...
01. บัวหลวงรอรัก (bua luang ro rak)
02. รักติ๋มแน่หรือ (rak tim nae rue)
03. ขวัญใจคนเลว (khwan chai khon leo)
04. กลัวใจไม่จริง (klua chai mai ching)
05. ซึ้งเสียงแคน (sueng siang khaen)
06. โสระ (sora)
07. อยู่ที่ความพอใจ (yu thi khwan pho chai)
08. ผู้ชายหลายบ้าน (phu chai lai ban)
09. จับ (chap)
10. หมั่นไส้ฉันทนา (man sai chanthana)
11. น้องนางบ้านนา (nong nang ban na)
12. ขอนแก่นแคนฮักอ้าย (khon kaen khaen hak ai)


Dolmance said...

I am so happy to have found your site today, especially with some songs from one of my all time favorite singers from Thailand.

I'll be back, every day to see what's up.

Thank you.


Hi Dolmance,
Lots of great things to come in the next few weeks. I have a Bunch of recordings of Hongthong and I'll sure post some more later as I also love her songs. But before it happen you will probably fall in love with a few other Esan singers..