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THEPPHON PHETUBON เทพพร เพชรอุบล
This week we'll follow the last post about Mai Waenthip and the cover of her song that had a huge success recently "the girl from Loei still wait". If it's common in Thai music to have singers answering each others through songs (sometimes taking a counter point of view on the same theme... well it can also be seen as an echo to a commercial success), it took about 10 years waiting to ear a legend of Esan music singing "the one who left his heart runs to Loei"...
Here we are with "the diamond from Ubon Ratchathani", mister Thepphon Phetubon. Born in the Ubon province, a particularly fertile area of Esan... well, not sure about the sticky rice fields but it's quite amazing to see how many successful musicians grew up in that part of Esan (just to name a few: Tonsai Taptanon, Angkhanang Khunchai and more recently, Pai Phongsathorn).
If Thepphon Phetubon started as a successful luk thung and sang with the phet phin thong band, he later had a great career with molam too and also sang buddhist lae with Waiphot Phetsuphan.  Thepphon Phetubon died in 2013 leaving behind him a huge collection of recordings of all kinds and numerous collaborations with the finest esan singers of his generation (Banyen Rakkaen, Angkhanang Khunchai, Dao Bandon...). The tape we have today: KHIT HOT is from the late 90's and of course sounds very different to his debuts with some "everlasting" slow luk thung songs and a mature voice...

THEPPHON PHETUBON เทพพร เพชรอุบล 
KHIT HOT คิดฮอด
01 คิดฮอด
02 กลับบ้านเถิคน้อง
03 น้ำตาชาย
04 คอยน้องที่บึงพลาญชาย
05 จุ่มหา
06 ฝากใจไว้เมืองเลย
07 แก้วลืมคอน
08 คอยน้องที่หนองประจัก
09 หนาวเดืหอนห้า

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