Friday, 15 April 2016


-Get back to Charoen Krung and keep walking. Within a few minutes you will find about 5 records stores, the first one at the corner is great, a nice selection of lukthung esan as well as some very good molam, all on cds. this shop also have a few 33' records of both luk thung and molam (cds are at marked price 80/120b each) I have no clue abot the price of vinyls.
 - A few meters after you'll see this amazing looking shop full of vintage 7' and a wall of tapes (the tapes are not for sale). Most of the records are actually luk krung but there'a a bunch of luk tung and a few luk thung esan from the 70's. don't get too exited if you're looking for vinyls as the next shop is more interesting.
-In this shop you will find lot's of vintage records: molam on 7' (starting at 100b) and 33' (around 500b for some 80's lam phloen).  This shop also have a few tapes and some cds. The owner is a helpfull and seems to speak english quite well. Most of the Esan 7' of course don't come with picture sleeves and there's a lot of things. The easiest way is to tell him what you want (lam phloen or lam toei or luk thung Esan for exemple) and he'll give you some records you can ask to listen to some (1 or 2) so he can see what you like and give you some more (just trust him, don't waist his time or you would not get anything interesting I guess).
-At this point, if you still have some cash and some energy keep walking on the same way for about 5mn if you keep your eyes open you will see some traces of dead record shops. once you reach thanon Burapha turn left and enter in The Old Siam. It's one of the oldest shopping malls in this part of Bangkok.

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