Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Back online after a while... After some re-uploads from my previous blog to start this page, it's time to talk about my main addiction: the music of the people from the north eastern part of Thailand known as Esan.
Welcome to ซาวด์เบ้าท์อีสาน (sao bao Esan)  "sao bao" is a Thai anglicism "sound about" it's also the nickname given to portable tape cassette players. Enough said, let's hit the road!
pratuu suu Esan (Korat)
Leaving Bangkok to go to Esan on a week-end with friends is always a great occasion for party, fiery food and off course music! The usual way to get there is to take the direction of Nakhon Ratchasima, the biggest Esan province also known as Korat. 
khana sang somchit
Korat is litteraly the entrance gate to Esan, this province have it's own cultural identity: it's own local language passa Korat, it's own green papaya salad recipe tam Korat (between the Thai and the Esan styles) and it's own singing tradition: pleng Korat.
Last week was the Thao Suranari Memorial Festival. One of the biggest event in the province and a great occasion to ear some traditional pleng Korat bon honouring Ya Mo. Well, today we'll get something a bit different with KHANA SANG SOMCHIT (KORAT SING 3 CHA) as we'll ear some great revamped pleng Korat "sing" ("modern", "trendy") from the 90's with a full band and the whole family singing. Fast tempo, lots of percussion, keyboards and backing vocals... A really nice recording of the best Korat sing I've heard so far, I sadly did not see anything close to this during my visit of the festival.
Ya Mo statue (Korat)
คณะ แสงสมชิด (khana sang somchit)
โคราชซิ่ง 3 ช่า (korat sing 3 cha)
01 ลอยตัวรอยตอ
02 โคราชซิ่ง 3 ช่า
03 เที่ยวเมืองไทย
04 ไอ้หนุ่มกระทอมัด
05 รอหนุ่มกระทอมัด
06 ซิ่งล้วนๆ
07 หนุ่มเกี้ยว-สาวแก้
08 สาวงามเมืองย่า
09 หนุ่มเด่นเมืองโค
10 ซิ่งดา

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