Thursday, 28 April 2016


Yenjit Porntawi เย็นจิตร พรเทวี
Last week has been really great for the elder generations of luk thung fans living in Bangkok, lots of stars in (free) concerts: Phongsi Woranut, Waiphot Phetsuphan, Phloen Phromdaen, Khwanchit Siprachan, molam fans were quite lucky too with P.Chalatnoi and Banyen Rakkaen. Who said all those great singers are forgotten?
Today it's time to get the tape player back on duty and rewind us back in time with a legend from the 80's. One of those great talents able to perform brilliantly in both luk thung and molam: miss Yenjit Porntawi. Awarded last year for 35 years of an ongoing great career, Yenjit was also singing live on TV a few months ago with her friend Phimpha Pornsiri to promote their new records. (They both come from the province of Chaiyaphum and they spent some years as label mates when they where both signed on the excellent Topline Music).
I browsed my large collection of Yenjit Porntawi tapes and choosed one of her first luk thung recordings from the early 80's. If I really like different periods and styles Yenjit adopted during her career, I have a special crush for RAK CHAN YA THAM SU BU. The very distinctive voice of Yenjit goes perfectly with those 10 luxurious luk thung songs that we ear today (the only complain possible is to ask for more). All the components of the best luk thung songs of this era are here, condensed in 28mn of pure pleasure: Lots of musicians playing a wide range of instruments, a warm tropical feeling subtlety tainted by the historical influences of the genre (French Caribbean biguine and Xavier Cugat's Cuban style large ensembles). Lots of creativity in the composition and the gorgeous voice of Yenjit who takes us into different moods... Well, it's probably better not to talk to much about it... THIS TAPE IS JUST GORGEOUS  and I don't have anything else to say! 

YENJIT PORNTAWI เย็นจิตร พรเทวี
RAK CHAN YA THAM SU BU รักฉันอย่าทำซื่อบื้อ
01. รักฉันอย่าทำซื่อบื้อ
02. ท่าน ส.. ช่วยที
03. พี่ม้าซาดิสซ์
04. หนาวแล้วอ้าย
05. โสดจริงหรือเปล่า
06. อย่าแตะอย่าต้อง
07. พาร์ทเนอร์เบอร์ 0.
08. ยุคอวกาศ
09. วาสนาลูกจ้าง
10. คำสั่งคุณแม่


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