Thursday, 11 August 2016


Today in Thailand, it's mothers day
and the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit.
To celebrate, I compiled some traditional ESAN LULLABIES performed by Esan mothers. some home made and professional recordings in villages as well as an old vinyl Ep and a track from a CD by our beloved mother: Chawiwan Damnoen.
Mostly solo a capella recordings but also 1 mothers ensemble and some phin and khaen on the first track. Different versions of the same lullaby: นอนสาหล่า "none sahla" (please sleep). It's a funny lullaby where the mother promises bad things if the baby don't sleep "if you don't sleep I won't give you bananas.... the cat will scratch your eyes and bite your balls..."
It's full of love and sincerity... We sure need some today.

01 mother with phin and khaen
02 mother solo
03 mother solo
04 mother solo
05 group of mothers
06 Chawiwan Damnoen
07 mother solo
08 mother solo
Chawiwan Damnoen

I would like to dedicate this post to the victims of the bombings that happened last night and this morning in Thailand.


Dolmance said...

I know how Siamese cats are, and I'm not surprised.


Dolmance, I still have yet to see a real siamse cat around but I hope your balls recovered well (sorry about that)