Thursday, 4 August 2016


Let's continue our fun week with some Esan "rock". It seems like this style was all the rage in the second part of the 90's, especially on the Cambodian border, as most of those rock bands were flavoring their songs with some kantruem influences and the use of Khmer/Esan instruments such as saw kantruem (though it's not always the case). 
ROCK SADAOW ร๊อคสะแด่ว
Esan rock can be seen as a modern form of local styles with pop/rock western little influences and instruments. Even if the term "rock" is used as a logo on most of the records of the genre it's still purely 90's Esan music and could hardly being compared with the occidental standards of the genre. "Rock" played an important role in identitarian Esan music, offering a pure Esan music to teenagers looking for something trendy... Rock kantruem, rock phutai, molam fueled rock...

The tape we'll ear today is pretty far from our daily routine TOOB TALAD by the girls band ROCK SADAOW but it's one of my favourite Esan rock album for sure. 6 young women singing a fast modern mix of luk thung and molam in an happy rock mood.
The voices are really great and the musicians play an interesting speed version of their 80' and 90's influences. As the cover promises: it's some fun and well produced Esan "rock" (as the cover tells 7 times!), perfect for your summer holidays party. This tape is the first part of a set of 2 produced in the late 90's. I'll post the second one later if some of you are interested... But for now, Let's dance!
ROCK SADAOW ร๊อคสะแด่ว
TOOB TALAD ทุบตลาด
01 โดะดงโดย
02 ปั้นข้าวจี่
03 คอยพี่ที่อุดร
04 ผิดหวังเพราะดั้งหัก
05 บ่าวล่ำใหญ่
06 ซาวด์ดนตรี ปั้นข้าวจี่
07 เงินหายตัวได้
08 ซิ่งสะแด่ว
09 มันมากับความมึน
10 เมียผู้จัดการ (ห้องน้ำ)
11 อนาคตคือคันไถ
12 ซาวด์ดนตรี คอยพี่ที่อุดร
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