Thursday, 11 August 2016


TONGMAI MALEE / ทองมัย มาลี
Back to normal after a fun week, I hope you enjoyed discovering some pretty different tapes... 
Today, we are in the province of  Nakhon Phanom, once again on the banks of the Mekong, to enjoy some lam phaen with one of the experts of the genre, mister THONGMAI MALEE. I'm quite sure he choosed his name as a reference to one of the masters, mister Thongmee Malai as it was pretty common at this time for young singers to choose a name that already sounded familiar...
I did not know anything About Thongmai Malee when I found this tape 3 years ago but I knew from experience that when it comes to Esan music (well Thai in general) the SKH logo from the nothorious Charoen Krung street label Saha Kuang Heng Record is a sign of great music coming to your ears, those people don't mess around about quality and there is a very little chance to get disappointed by the tapes they put out back in the days. (I own a huge collection of their tapes, I'll sure post some more later). On top of that, Thongmai Malee had his early records written and produced by the talented Doi Inthanon who wrote quite a few successful songs for many singers you previously heard here: Hongthong Dao'Udon, Onuma Singsiri, Angkhanang Kunchai  and Yenjit Porntawi.
Tongmai Malee recorded several album in the 80's, including a duo record with Bayen Rakkaen that I would love to find. It seems like he was still putting up some new records out not so long ago.
SIANG KHAEN EOW SAO starts in a pretty traditional way with khaen and saw on the first track, it then goes in a great mid 80's heavy molam style, mixing synth, sax, drums and traditional instruments. Some awesome lam phaen with a touch of luk thung, a touch of lam doen and even some lyrics in english (track 5 is titled "I love you" just like another song mister Inthanon wrote for Yenjit Porntawi). A long intro featuring voice and khaen for each songs followed by the fast lam of Thongmai Malee... Enjoy!
THONGMAI MALEE ทองมัย มาลี
SIANG KHAEN EOW SAO เสียงแคนแอ่วสาว
01 เสียงแคนแอ่วสาว
02 ฮักสาวรำวง
03 จีบสาวฟังลำ
04 มาลัยน้ำใจ
05 ไอ เลิฟ ยู
06 สั่งแฟน
07 ตามน้องทั่วฝั่งโขง
08 สัญญาต่อหน้าพระธาตุ
09 เสน่ห์แม่ม่าย
10 เจ้าพ่อคอผสม
11 คุยเขื่อง
12 ไอ้หนุ่มมอเตอร์ไซค์
13 bonus track

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