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After the post about Thongmai Malee I recived 2 emails  (1 asking if I could post more lam phaen and one asking if I had more tapes produced by Doi Inthanon). Well, the answer is yes and yes! I planned to stick to monthly series like I used to do with my previous blog so let's follow the lam phaen post from last time till the end of this month (by the way, requests are always welcome).
Doi Inthanon with her majesty Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Noknoi Uraiphon and Chalatnoi Songsoem
Last week, we heard some lam phaen, an early 80's genre of modern molam created by mister Doi Inthanon, it features fast lam vocals, and some occidental instruments mixed with traditional Esan style sound and modern lyrics (using sometimes a few words in english and trendy references such as motorcycles). Perfect for dancing and for a younger audience (as it was the main target of this new genre).
Doi Inthanon ดอย อินทนนท์ and Khwanta Fasawang ขวัญตา ฟ้าสว่าง
Born on the 1st of may 1947 in the province of Surin, Doi Inthanon (who takes his name from a place in northern Thailand) started to write songs at the age of 20,  learning with the Bangkokian songwriter Payom Moogda, a specialist of both luk thung and luk krung who wrote some songs for the legendary Suraphon Sombatcharoen "the king of luk thung". Over the years mister Inthanon composed more than 3000 songs (mostly luk thung and molam) for many Esan singers (Noknoi Uraiphon, Hongthong Dao'Udon, Suphap Daoduangden, Chalatnoi Songsoem...) as well as some Thai superstars (Phongsi Woranut, Waipod PhetsuphanPhumphuang Duangchan...). He even wrote for Jonas and Christy the most famous "foreign" luk thung singers. Doi Inthanon have been awarded for his work many times. 
Today, we are in Sisaket, the birth place of  Khwanta Fasawang, one of the early practionner of lam phaen. If surprisingly she did not get as much success as most of the singers working with mister Inthanon, Khwanta Fasawang released at least a handfull of really good tapes including lam phaen, lam ploen, lam klon, lam doen... The tape we ear today: BAK SONG SAW SEOW PASEW is in the same mood as the previous lam pheun tape we heard. Fast delivery and a great mix of Esan and foreign instruments (though this time it's more Esan oriented). The intro voice/khaen is not systematic here and often replaced with some interesting cold synth and sound effects. The voice is great and miss Fasawang is for sure one of the most talented performer of lam phaen with Tongmai Malee, Phonsak Songsaeng and  Salak Silathong (we'll ear about them later for sure)... See you next week for another fantastic tape written by Doi Inthanon.

KHWANTA FASAWANG ขวัญตา ฟ้าสว่าง
BAK SONG SAW SEOW PASEW บักสองซาวพาแส่ว
01 บักสองซาวพาแส่ว
02 มอเตอร์ไซค์ทำแสบ
03 เป็นตาเอ๊าะเอ๊าะ
04 สนพงษ์เบอร์ 4 จารุณีเบอร์ 5
05 เจ้าแม่ 8 โอ่ง
06 สาวใต้ต่อนสะออนหนุ่ม 2 ซาว
07 น้ำตาน้องติ๋ม
08 สาวมะลอรอแฟน
09 บุญมีแต่กรรมบัง
10 ฮักผัวขี้เมา
11 น้ำลวกไก่
12 หน่ายคนไม่มีองศา

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