Sunday, 25 September 2016


In Esan and Laos the production of rice is one of the main farming occupation. Even nowadays, most of the families in rural areas own their own paddies where they produce the rice for themselves and their relatives living in cities. Traditionally, in Esan and Laos the rice grow in flooded paddies and the main variety produced is sticky rice "khao niaow". This rice is usually steamed and served at every meals, it's also used pounded and toasted (in "Larb" salads), as flour (usually to produce various kinds of sweets and desserts) and can also be used while still unripe as a popular snack during temple fairs.
Mens with buffaloes plowing the fields.
The rice is growing in a flooded paddy (left).
Women in the rice paddies during the harvest (right).
Back to the village with the harvest (left)
Some women are pounding the rice to remove the skin (right)
Details of the mashing pillons.
Rice kept in the attic

Neak Sre (Rice People), the Cambodian movie directed by Rithy Panh gives an interesting view of the life in South East Asian rural areas.

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