Friday, 24 June 2016


Phimpha Phonsiri พิมพา พรศิริ
Some of you probably have enough of the homage to the legendary Honey Sri Esan but well, I could not end up this series without some songs from one of my favorite 80's Esan super star: PHIMPHA PHONSIRI! I have a huge collection of Phimpha records of all kinds (more than 50 and I guess she released at least 70 since her young debut the mid 80's) and this homage is a good opportunity to share some of her songs.
Phimpha Phonsiri grew up in the province Chayaphum before moving to Khon Kaen to studdy. It's during her studdies that Phimpha decided to meet Soraphet Phinyo who will compose for her a large bunch of album, some of those being pretty successful records of early "luk thung molam". Phimpha will then work with some other talented composers such as Dao Bandon and Num Phutai (mosltly molam prayuk and luk thung). during the 90's and 2000's, Phimpha performed all kind of thai music genres such as ram wong, lae... Phimpha never got back the success she had in her early years but still keeps a loyal fan base. She released a new record last year on the major Rsiam and still performs live from time to time.
The music we'll ear today comes from ESAN DANCE 21 PLENG DANG, it seems like this recording only been released as Karaoke version (as part of a VCD serie). Off course it features some Honey Sri Esan song, as well as some of her own songs and other covers including a song by Angkhanang Khunchai and some popular Esan songs. Luk thung, molam, ram wong... All performed in a fast and furious "non stop" style. On the video, Phimpha is backed by herslef  as "dancers team" (as you can see on the photos).
This is the last part of the Honey Sri Esan homage (many other singers covered her songs and we'll sure ear some more soonn). Next week, we'll continue with something very different but for now, let's dance!

ESAN DANCE 21 PLENG DANG อีสานแด๊นซ์ 21 เพลงดัง
01 น้ำตาหล่นบนที่นอน
02 วอนพี่มีรักเดียว
03 ตำบักหุ่ง พิมพา
04 ฟ้าลิขิ
05 จดหนายย้ายที่อยู่
06 ขอแล้วบ่แต่ง
07 สาวกาฬสินธุ์
08 เขาแต่งเราตรน
09 ไม่ลืมสมิหลา
10 กินเป๊นบ่
11 บ่าวชุมแพ
12 พี่จ๋าหลับตาไว้
13 สาวคนโก้
14 สาระวันรำวง
15 ถึงหลอกก๊รัก
16 รำวงรำชิ่ง
17 อยากแต่งงาน
18 เลิกรัก.. เลิกรอ
19 รำวงภูไท
20 ต่างคนต่างไป
21 ร๊อคลาวพวน
As I kept the recording in it's original format 
(2 parts with no cuts in betwin songs),
the songs tittles are not included in the folder.


Dolmance said...

This is such a good record.

Thank you.


You can find some more karaoke VCDS in the same mood from Phimpha for as low as 5$ here:

Dolmance said...

I will go check it out immediately.

Anonymous said...

please can you upload all Videos you have from her? :D its very hard in thailand to found some of her vcds


Hi Denniz,
It's not very hard to find, email me your contact and when I see some I will tell you where they are.