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Honey Sri Esan ฮันนี่ ศรีอีสาน
Back after being busy for a while... Today we start a little serie of posts about a singer who sadly became a legend after only 2 tapes recorded. 
Honey Sri Esan was born in the province of Kalasin and was on her way to a brilliant career when she tragically died on the road after a concert in the province of Sisaket in 1992 at the age of 21.
Honey Sri Esan memorial in Sisaket
Today we'll ear her first tape released in 1991 (wich contain her most popular hits). Yanavy Sounds did a pretty good job on this first recording, Dao Bandon on the lyrics and Num Phutai for the musical composition. Everything here is really well done and the musicians are great on this  luk thung molam little gem. It really looks like all was prepared to serve the sumptuous voice of Honey Sri Esan and to start a successful career. A few months later, the same team worked on her second tape also released by Yanavy. Obviously a 3rd record was planned and finally been recorded by another singer (I'll post it later).
After her death, Honey Sri Esan became a legend and nowadays many people still go to pray at her memorial in Sisaket (including some popular singers) and some of the songs featured on this tape are often played during concerts. The next posts will feature some of the many singers who covered her songs.

HONEY SRI ESAN ฮันนี่ ศรีอีสาน
NAMTHA LON BON TI NONE น้ำตาหล่นบนที่นอน
01 น้ำตาหล่นบนที่นอน
02 ฝันรัก ฝันร้าย
03 ขอแลัว ไม่แต่ง
04 สาวกาพัสินธุ์
05 เขาแต่ง เราตรน
06 ถึงหลอกก็รัก
07 น้ำตาหล่นบนที่นอน (instrumental)
08 สาวนาผวารัก
09 สงครามกับความรัก
10 หนุ่นภูเขียวเบี้ยวสาวชุมแพ
11 สวยเพราะปลาแดก
12 รักคนหัวล้าน
13 เอารักของเธอคีนไป
ceremony in Sisaket

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