Saturday, 14 May 2016


We are right in the middle of the Bun Bang Fai season, in many places in Esan and Laos, in small villages and cities, people gather to celebrate and party. This weekend, it's time to celebrate with the people of Yasothon one of the biggest Esan cultural event of the year in this province: Bun Bang Fai Yasothon.
During Bung Bang Fai festivals, there is lots of music and traditional dances performed all day long and off course, molam concerts at night. If the beginning of the celebrations focus on a parade, dances and various contests, the main attraction remains the firing of home made rockets. Let's celebrate and dance with DONTRI PHUN MUANG ESAN (local music from Esan). As often with this kind of recordings, no musicians are credited on the cover notes. 
Today we have some pure traditional instrumental Esan music: Phin, khaen, lots of heavy percussion... As you can see on the linked videos, it's parade music made to go with various kinds of traditional dances... Sorry I got to go NOW, it's party time here! Have fun listening to "the best of northeast native melody" as the cover proudly says.

01 seong bung fire
02 seong khang rua
03 seong lai rua fire
04 seong swing
05 seong kra-thip kawo
06 seong Esan
07 seong sarawan
08 seong kotraboon
09 seong Phoo Thai
10 rum sri kotraboon
11 rum tang wai
12 rum laog toop

NOTE: As you probably noticed, I'm not a big fan of phonetic transcriptions but I'll use those that are sometimes provided (usually for traditional and classical music) to respect the effort made to encourage visitors to discover the rich musical heritage of Thailand.
smoke on the rice fields, fire in the sky...

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