Monday, 6 January 2020

FREE TAPES GIVEAWAY PART 2 ! molam, luk thung, music from Esan and Thailand

Music is meant to be shared!
As I am currently making some room in my tapes collection,
I will share about 200 tapes I recently digitalised.
During the next few days, I will post here 4 lots of about 50 tapes each.
ALL IS FREE OF COURSE except the shipping.
(It should be around 10 to 20€ depending where you live.)

Up for grab:
LOT 1: Chinese and Indian tapes, all kinds of music: Popular, religious, traditional...
LOT 2: Esan and Thai tapes (mostly molam and luk thung).
LOT 3: Thai tapes (all kinds: luk thung, pleng lae, traditional music, local genres from all around Thailand...).
LOT 4: Music from all around Southeast Asia (Laos,Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia...). All kinds of music.

During the next few days, I'll post those lots of tapes at random times, the first person to email me (use the contact box on the right) will win the lot (don't forget to add your address to calculate the shipping costs).

TODAY, LOT 2: Esan and Thai tapes (mostly molam and luk thung).
Good luck! 


tane said...

Sadly I have no room nor a proper equipment to play them on, but whoever wins these will be one lucky lucky man indeed. Will you be posting any of them here on the blog as well? Best wishes for the new year!


Actually, I plan to post some music again soon with a focus on pedagogy. With all the retarded crap said on Esan music, it's more than time to give an honest point of view.
I'm also trying to figure out how to share a few hundred albums at once without having to spend weeks on it

tane said...

That's very good news, thanks! Maybe something to consider is to start a bandcamp page, as some others with (smaller) cassette collections have done already:

Also I actually enjoyed your write ups about the molam scams very much, a lot of valid points you made - I just didn't have much to say because sadly I also have discovered a lot of great music from this region through some of the people mentioned there...


I just had a look at the bandcamp pages but did not see how to download without paying.
Lots of interesting music there... An never enough time!
If you have those files, please message me using the message box on the right side of the page.