Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Some re-uploads from my previous blog to start this new page about the music of the people from Esan (the north eastern part of Thailand).
In the next few months you can expect to ear all kinds of Molam, some Luk thung Esan, some phin and khaen, some modern and traditional music, some surprising things sometimes too. Mostly digitalized from my collected tapes and sometimes from other medias available too.
Today, HONGTHONG KHANONG LAM, a great collection of 8.30 hours of luk thung Esan and various kinds of amazing molam: lots of lam phloen, lam phu tai, lam toei... well a great introduction to this new page with some super stars of the tapes era at their best. To name a few: P.Chalatnoi, Angkhanang Khunchai, Monruedi Phromchak,  Phimchai Phetphalanchai and her sisters... Enjoy!

HONGTHONG KHANONG LAM หงษ์ทอง คนองลำ (pt4):
Monruedi Phromchak มลฤดี พรหมจักร
Monruedi Phromchak มลฤดี พรหมจักร

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